In the initial years of life we are as fresh as a fresh ripe berry brightly colored, perfectly shining, and all the goodness intact, vibrancy reflects on the outside and that feeling of being content on the inside. But, with age, just like an old berry we too become dull, the rawness and the freshness fading away with each passing day. Life is the most beautiful gift we own and we need to fill it with an over-enthusiastic spirit and fall in love with every bit and part of it. That energy required to lead a life with happiness and filled with zest but for that, you need to keep yourself fit, healthy and shining always. But will that be possible with the life you are leading right now? Time to question yourself!

Running after materialistic things, to own them, to flaunt them, we start the rat race, working like machines, bursting our heads off with stress, neglecting our self, our family life, health and what not. After a while, this ignorance takes a toll on us and treats us in the most brutal way in life, later on.

What is the whole idea behind a happy and a balanced life?
Have you heard of happiness? You have of course! What have you done to achieve it or attain it in your life? Earned money? Must have, and a lot of it for sure. But, did that really suffice your need for happiness. Nah! We can bet for sure.  Then, what are all the things you are missing on to attain the balance of happiness and good health in your life?

Want to see you overjoyed in emotions or at least achieve peace of mind then beat that stress and restrict yourself from avoiding yourself. Take out time, treasure little moments, fall in love, value yourself, wait for things to change as you want them too, don’t rush things just take them one at a time.

Maintain a daily health routine and make it your lifestyle

  • Take out time for your favorite hobby. Love dancing, cooking, binge-watching movies? Whatever it is, do it with your full heart, no matter how bad you are at it. As long as it fetches you a smile it is worth doing! Don’t you think?
  • How about going for those aromatic massages, spas, pampering day outs to make your feel rejuvenated again.
  • Have you heard laughing is the best exercise? Then, what else do you want to get started on this? Boost your brains, de-stress and change your mood.
  • Tried waking up early? The freshness in the air every morning cannot be compared to anything else in the world.
  • Constantly keep changing your routine; your every day should never look and sound like the previous one, it is important to have variations in it. Monotonous routines are vibe killers!
  • Work on putting in your energies in doing all things energetic and positive. Give a boost to the happy hormones by doing exercises, practice yoga, and go running.


Your eating habits need a change too!

  • We are what we eat! Must have definitely heard of this, it is so true in every way. You become what you eat. Uplift the status of your health, work on your mental health, as everything is inter-related therefore stay updated with all the measures to take to control your diet.
  • Have foods with low fat and high on proteins in your daily diet. Have lean meat, pulses, fish, and everything good. Go for the raw food, veggies, fruits, and homemade fresh juices.
  • Stop over-eating. Have at least two glasses full of water an hour before having food so that it gives you a fuller feeling. Because of this, you will eat less.
  • Always take food in portions. It helps to avoid overeating.
  • Use the minimum amount of oil while cooking. Don’t overcook vegetables as this will lead to washing away from the nutrients and essential elements.

At the comfort of your home and within the reach of your own kitchen, you can access all the elements required to keep you going healthy and happy. Don’t want to go to the fancy gym, don’t want to starve yourself with those fad diets then you can use still do a lot for yourself at your home.

For those who think they lack a little behind because of their temporary physical problem then they too needn’t stay worried as many e-commerce websites are selling home healthcare products to take care of you. Many equipment’s and products can help you feel healthy and better like medical scooters, sports ankle brace,  bunion corrector, gel heels, knee braces etc. If you are not in your best form then start working for it. Get healthy, happy and just keep going!

Author Bio: I am Nikita Thakur, a digital marketing strategist by profession and a writer by passion. I write about anything and everything that I am able to connect with. Healthcare is generally I love writing about the most. While writing it is my heart that speaks! So, whatever you are going to read in my health blog would be a truthfully, deeply researched, well thought of and yeah obviously with a hint of personal experience.