Obesity and diabetes are directly related. After the inheritance, obesity is the factor most likely to contribute to the onset of type 2 diabetes

Obesity is a risk factor

Obesity by itself is a disease. However, you can still make other things less good are developed, as is the case of type 2 diabetes. However, it is not proven that is the weight gain by itself, which leads to the development of diabetes type II Should be associated to other factors such as sedentary lifestyles and genetic predisposition. Thus, an obese person who has the habit of practicing regular physical exercise are less likely to get type 2 diabetes.

Relationship between Obesity and Diabetes

There is a clear relationship between obesity and diabetes. For the glucose is transformed into energy, it is necessary that the insulin connects to the receptor present on the membranes of the cells. Thus allowing glucose to enter them. When there is an accumulation of fat, especially in the abdominal area, there is a deficiency in the quantity of the receptors mentioned above. And so it is that originates from the resistance to insulin and increased glucose, thus giving the type 2 diabetes.

Cause or consequence?

Insulin acts in the hypothalamus, thus regulating the feeling of satiety. When this component is missing in the brain, people have a tendency to eat without limits, that are never sated. Ending by to fatten up quite a bit. So, when lack of insulin in the brain this causes obesity. When lack of insulin in the other organs to cause of type 2 diabetes

Still it is important to note that the excess of insulin causes inhibition of the lipolysis and the increase in adipocytes, which favours the development of obesity. Therefore, it is not possible to determine whether obesity causes diabetes or vice versa.

The trick lies in treating/preventing obesity

Despite the fact that all people are aware of the dangers of obesity, many people do not know how to solve this problem. In addition, currently, the “arms pharmacological therapeutic for the treatment of obesity” are slim.

By now, the treatment of obesity by means of the treatment done by dietitians, nutritionists and psychologists is still quite low, and, therefore, results more low. Therefore, the key is in prevention. For this reason, doctors concentrate mainly on the families that are at greater risk of developing obesity. Acting before that, the members of these families come to this state.

The adult population is obese

A large part of the adult population in the world is obese. However, this fact could be reversed if they were implanted habits of regular practice of physical exercise and healthy eating – dieta para perder barriga de forma rapida. This way it would be possible to make that obesity does not progress to type 2 diabetes. It is also noteworthy that a person who has type 2 diabetes associated with excess weight are at a much higher risk of having complications from the cardiovascular system.