It’s never too late to quit smoking. And you so do it at the earliest to prevent harm to the body. Tobacco use in any form is extremely harmful and it can cause a whole array of health risks. From heart problems to lung problems, oral cancer to respiratory passage congestion, a lot can go wrong with smoking. And you’re concerned with oral health, it’s probably the last thing you so do be doing.

Smoking can stain your teeth, cause gum inflammation and may increase the risk of oral cancer. People who smoke are more at risk of premature tooth loss and cavities than those who don’t. The chemicals and additives used in tobacco products, including cigarettes, are bad for the body. So, the earlier you quit this bad habit the better for your overall health.

  • Quitting smoking can help you lead a healthy and disease-free life
  • Your life expectancy will increase
  • Oral and dental diseases will be minimized
  • Your smile, breath and facial glow, all will experience difference 
  • You will feel more confident about yourself and about the world around

Even if quitting smoking won’t be that easy, a step in the right direction can help. So, be positive and find ways to chuck a bad habit out of your life.

Follow some of these tips to quit smoking –

1 – Set your time and date for quitting

If you have decided to quit smoking forever, follow that up with a set plan where  you can choose a specific date and time to stop. Be it the next week or by theend of the month, you can set your time as per own convenience and try toadjust your routine accordingly.  

With a date already in mind, you can go about the usual routine and look forward to honouring that deadline. You can start cutting back on the frequency in a gradual manner so that you get mentally ready by the time the day approaches. This will also play in your mind and maybe motive you to do better.   

2 – Curb your triggers

Nobody is a born smoker. The first puff you ever took maybe was out of curiosity or a desire to try something different. The habit got stuck, you never bothered about quitting and this is how you became a smoker even without thinking of the health consequences.

Most of the time smoking happens on cue. You crave it after lunch, or right after waking up, or on the way to office. Your schedule and habits create triggers and you go on smoking. If you somehow curbed those triggers, changed the schedule, you might be able to quit smoking without much of problem.

3 – Be comfortable with withdrawal symptoms

When people quit smoking, their body continues to withdraw from nicotine for a few days. This is a tough period to bear but it passes away quickly than youimagine. You don’t need to feel miserable or crave cigarettes and if you did,all the hard work and effort might be wasted.

There won’t be any pain with this physical withdrawal and it will die down soon. It’s all in the mind and if you could manage this period with aplomb, there is no reason why you can’t say goodbye to the bad habit of smoking. Don’t cave in and the rest will be fine for you in a few days’ time.

4 – Socialize more and spend time with non-smokers

When you on the mission of quitting smoking, socializing more can help a lot. You mix with the people you did not earlier, you discuss on good subjects, laugh ,walk and all this proves a great distraction. The more you socialize, the more you will be away from the thoughts of smoking and cigarettes.  

More importantly, being with non-smokers will help your cause a lot when you’re on the path of saying goodbye to smoking. In the company of people who don’t smoke, you too might feel tempted to be like them and it can work big time for you.

5. Avoid Substitutes

Never take to substitutes like patches, e-cigarettes on your way to quitting smoking. It will be like ditching one bad habit for another. Plus, most substitutes will have some form of nicotine in them which will make it difficult for you to quit the habit. Don’t fall prey to the claims of marketers than their products are free of nicotine.

Even the gums that are so popular as a way to quit smoking has high dosages of nicotine. And if you took to them, the damages and harms to the body might be of the same level. Smoking is bad for your dental health, it could lead to  premature tooth decay. So, it makes sense to consult the dentist and check teeth braces price for the sake of yourdental health.   

AuthorBio: Praveen Singh is a writer and blogger, and a professional interested in sharing interesting ideas with the world. His blogs give a peek into things that aim to inform, enrich and entertain the readers. He loves sharing views on anything that provides valueto the readers and helps broaden their horizon.